Body and Mind Programme

Weight Loss Treatment

Fed up of being fat?

Tired of trying every diet going?

Wish food and your weight didn't rule your life?

There is a different way!

Using motivational hypnotherapy and combining this with nutrition and exercise instruction, you CAN and WILL reprogramme your mind to gain control over your eating habits. Better still, you will become educated in how to form and MAINTAIN healthy diet and exercise habits for life.

What's included:

Six, 1-1 motivation hypnotherapy sessions
Six, 1-1 personal training sessions
1 x nutritional advice session
Tools and techniques that will help you manage portion sizes
Text/phone support 7 days a week for the duration of the programme
Unlimited support and encouragement!

"Fat is bad. Fat is good. Eat less sugar. Carbs are bad. Eat what you want before 6pm, these are just some of the things we are constantly hearring. Nutrition has always been a minefield with the experts and the media constantly telling us different things that confuse our minds. We have all been on "diets" and a recent survey showed that the average 45 year old has tried 61 diets! So why are they not working? It's easy surely? Burn off more calories than you eat? If only it was that simple. Working alongside Clare at Positive Change 4U, I will break down some of these myths and educate you to fully understand what to eat and how to use your time to get the best out of your exercise. I will produce individually tailored nutritional plans based around your choices and will look at your habits and lifestyle; offering realistic and constructive suggestions and support, including home visits and exercise guidance."

Haydon - Nutritional and Exercise Consultant

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Price £399 (normally £499)

*Please check with your GP if you suffer from clinical depression or epilepsy before signing up to the Programme